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Sealine SL-X-SH

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The Facts: The Daiwa Sealine SL-X-HV features a Super Speed Shaft which totally separates the spool from the gear train for reduced friction during casts. Housed inside the one-piece corrosion proof composite frame is a six element waterproof drag, anodized high-tensile aluminum spool, and machine cut marine bronze and stainless steel gears.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
SL-X20SHV 3BB 6.1:1 350/14 16.2
SL-X30SHV 3BB 6.1:1 295/20 18.0
SL-X40HV 3BB 4.9:1 270/30 19.0
SL-X50HV 3BB 4.9:1 310/40 19.9
SL-X40SHV 3BB 6.1:1 270/30 19.0
SL-X50SHV 3BB 6.1:1 310/40 19.8

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5 Stars Very Good Fishing Reel., 2005-03-14
Reviewer: Kai

Reason why I didn't give the reel a 5 is it doesn't cast as far as Grandwave-Z, but it will definately get it done.

From chucking iron to dropper loop fishing. These reels have done it all with me. Once I hooked into a 100+ lb Black Seabass and fought the fish for 30 min on the HV-30. Still casts good afterwards, and got drags left to fish.

I own the HV-30 HV-40 and they have served there line of duty well.

Gear Ratio are proper for the HV-30 and HV-40. Good casting reel. Never had one fail on me.


Stock Yoke Springs weak. Trim down and replace with cut 6/0 Penn yoke springs.

Handle is undesirable for some. Good news is old SL SH handles fits with nutcap and screw.

5 Stars The best bang for the buck, 2005-03-07
Reviewer: Sheki Chun

PROS: The best casting reel out on the market PERIOD. The "speed shaft" disengages in freespool therefore the spool is riding on nothing but bearings. Spool is upgraded to lightweight aluminum from the old SL series. Different choices of gear ratios to choose from 4.9:1 or 6.1:1 on larger models. Daiwa solved the anti reverse failure problem with the plastic boot over the drag stacks to prevent drag grease migration.

CONS: Like the older SL series, poor placement of the gear box...the bulky gear box is in the way! Very uncomfortable. Handle has an awkward bend to it...BAD for power cranking...have had problems with the counter balanced weight in contact with wrist on power retrieve. Lack of power on the larger (SLX40SHV, SLX50SHV) with 6.1:1 gears.

NOTE: Best reel for the money. Better than the older SL series. If you are looking for more power on the retrieve, get the Shimano Torium handle.

4 Stars great reel for the price, 2005-02-17
Reviewer: Arvin Reyes

if you read my review on the regular "slosh" reels (SL-SH version), this series of reels basically makes up for it all. also the addition of the super speed shaft in which the spool shaft completely disengages from the crank box and rids on a couple bearings while casting greatly improves casting distance. the offset crank handle balances out much better than the straight design and translates into less wobbling during a fight, resulting in better control over the rod and getting less fatigue.

not really a bad thing, but it does go for about $35 more than its little brother. its a pretty big jump, but at only $135 retail, this is still a great reel at a decent price. still want to watch out for those bearings though. i dont know if theyve recently switched them out to their new sealed bearings. but if they did, without raising the price on them, its an even better buy.

i caught my first two yellowtail with this reel, at 25lbs a piece. i used the reel for a couple more years, before deciding to sell it to move up to an accurate, and it performed flawlessly for the whole time i had it. i fought many fish and rays with that reel, and never let me down. worth every penny in my opinion. and worth holding out to save the extra $35 if you were looking at the "slosh".

4 Stars Good reel, 2005-02-10
Reviewer: Fish Killa

This reel cast great. I only wish it had greater cranking power when hooked on a fish.

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