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Speedy Titanium Series

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The Facts: The Duel 2 Speed reels features an unique gear change method where cranking the reel forward puts it in high gear, whereas cranking the reel in the other direction puts it into low gear. The exterior is in light allow, perfectly polished and gold anodized. The spool is hard black anodized (scratch/wear proof). The nitrited hardened steel gears are in an oil bath and require no maintenance. The shaft, fastenings and bearings are in stainless steel and the reel comes equipped with a PX 30 graphite drag system.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
2.5/0 N/A 3.4:1 / 1.5:1 750/20 49 OZ
4/0 N/A 3.4:1 / 1.4:1 800/30 58 OZ
4/0 WS N/A 3.4:1 / 1.4:1 950/30 61 OZ
6/0 N/A 3.4:1 / 1.4:1 850/50 72 OZ
6/0 WS N/A 3.4:1 / 1.4:1 1000/50 77 OZ
9/0 N/A 3:1 / 1.2:1 850/80 117 OZ
9/0 WS N/A 3:1 / 1.2:1 1000/80 124 OZ
12/0 N/A 2.5:1 / 1:1 850/130 138 OZ
12/0 WS N/A 2.5:1 / 1:1 970/130 145 OZ

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3 Stars Duel Speedy 20 Not a Casting Reel, 2007-12-09
Reviewer: Gerald Morriss

I bought a used Duel 20 for a good discount. It's well made and has a mighty drag. But it's NOT a casting reel. The crossbar is exactly where your thumb should go. The line-out clicker does not work in freespool, making the reel useless for live baiting. There's no reel clamp, and the foot is attached with four little screws. The reel handle is a joke -- you need Locktite to keep it from falling off. The Speedy is fine for light trolling and vertical jigging, but Duel should not call this a casting reel.

 Stars , 2005-06-02

4 Stars 12 speedy, 2005-03-16
Reviewer: David Tang

This reel is very well made and cast very well for a lever drag
reel after degreasing the bearings...it's drag is very smooth and
duable I have caught over 100 albacore, several sailfish and
dorado on the original drag and there is minimal wear on it or
the drag plate.

I has become my favorite 25# albacore reel. I have 350 yards of
40# JB spectra backing with a topshot of 25# Maxima Perfexion

The 6:1 gears are smooth and quiet. It is just one of those reels
that just works for me.

I would have rated this a 5 star reel except for the handle and
crank which I found too small, I replaced the handle with a
Trinidad 20 handle and it is a big improvment.

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