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The Facts: The Newell S-series reels feature rugged stainless steel/graphite construction with 4 stainless reinforcing rings, unbreakable side-plates, hard-polished stainless brake discs and heat-treated stainless steel gears. They also come equipped with a graphite spool, graphite spacer bar frame, and 2 stainless steel ball bearings.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
S220-5 2BB 5:1 200/20 13.3 OZ
S229-5 2BB 5:1 290/20 13.9 OZ
S235-5 2BB 5:1 350/20 14.3 OZ
S332-5 2BB 5:1 320/30 16.6 OZ
S338J-5 2BB 5:1 380/40 17 OZ
S533-5.5 2BB 5.5:1 400/40 21.2 OZ
S546-4.6 2BB 4.6:1 460/50 22 OZ
S550-4.6 2BB 4.6:1 500/50 22.5 OZ
S540-5.5 2BB 5.5:1 400/50 22 OZ
S338-5 2BB 5:1 300/40 17 OZ

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5 Stars Newells, 2006-05-03
Reviewer: aftahour

I love all my newell's that i have (2)220 (2)332. i have had them for 4 yrs now and they still work great.. They are very light and easy to cast. When you fish for 5+ hrs casting, cranking just so EASY.

4 Stars Luv em or Hate em, 2005-02-16
Reviewer: FISH KILLA

In my opinion, newells give you the most bang for the buck. One of the best casting reels, easy to take apart and clean, relatively priced well. Downside: they are loud, no infinite anti-reverse. If you ever need a reel to fly line baits, newells win hands down!!

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