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A good solid reel,Smooth as silk on retrieve.I like
the flat gray finish,won't blind you in the
sun.Takes a little practice to set the centrifugal
brake,but after that,I...

Reviewed by: Gamefisher on 2009-08-02 | Rating: 5 Stars


just purchased this reel and it sucks.very rough retrive.does not cast well either.has a chunky feel.

Reviewed by: havasufish on 2008-05-30 | Rating: 1 Stars


Fish in the surf with this reel. Great casting. nice. just wish it had an aluminium spool, but folks say that the graphite spool wont explode. please tell me what you guys think of the spool? will...

Reviewed by: surfaMIKE on 2008-05-26 | Rating: 4 Stars


the catalina reel has one of the greatest cast ive thrown with many reels but this one impressed me

Reviewed by: kamakazi on 2008-01-26 | Rating: 4 Stars


I have to say without hestiation this is one of the best performing baitacast reels I have ever owned! I have owned many styles by many manufacturers and this one outperforms them all: true-to-form...

Reviewed by: M. Baker on 2007-03-12 | Rating: 5 Stars


I bought one of these reels at my local tackle shop. Needed a little tuning out of the box (quick tear down and relube took care of that) but after that it worked great. I have used it a lot in...

Reviewed by: David Athay on 2006-02-20 | Rating: 4 Stars


Got a chance to try out this reel on a couple of occassions. Originally I purchased 2 of these reels for my sons. I liked the levelwind feature so they didn't have to worry about the line, just...

Reviewed by: RB on 2005-04-04 | Rating: 5 Stars

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