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The Facts: The Penn Senator reels feature tough molded side-plates and 2 chrome-plated brass rings with chrome-plated frame posts. It also has precision machined stainless steel gears and spool spindles, Penn star drag, and torpedo handle. All reels feature HT100 drag washers.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
112H N/A 4:1 375/30 25 OZ
113 N/A 2:1 475/30 24 OZ
113H N/A 3.25:1 475/30 28 OZ
114 N/A 2.1:1 525/50 48 OZ
115L N/A 2.5:1 675/50 55 OZ
116L N/A 2.5:1 800/80 55 OZ
117L N/A 1.6:1 750/130 137 OZ
113HLW N/A 3.25:1 600/30 32 OZ
114HLW N/A 2.8:1 375/80 50 OZ

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5 Stars gears, 2009-07-12
Reviewer: kman

whats the difference betweeen a 4/0 and a 6/0

5 Stars Classic Reel for the Big Fish!, 2008-09-18
Reviewer: Joe M.

I've got the Penn Levelwinds for my wife and kids so they can "set it and forget it." My surf / inshore / nearshore boat road are Penn Jigmasters. But the deep, 100 ft plus, monster reel is my Special Senator 114H 6/0 rigged with 80# line (yeah, I know it's a bit higher than the rated 50# in the promotional literature). I use this reel mainly for bottom fishing of grouper and snapper and dolphin (mahi mahi) in the late spring and summer months here in Florida. I will also use it for shark fishing for fun with the kids. Get a huge, dead fish (like a bonito-- some bait shops will sell them frozen) on a 10/0 hook with 8 to 10 feet of 200# rated wire and drop it on the bottom if you are inshore / nearshore OR start the chum slick and keep it near the surface of deep water. Kids always love seeing the sharks...

Like the other reviewer said, no hi-tech frills needed. You want a conventional reel with good strength that won't twist out the support bars or sides with a big fish. You won't have to worry about that with the Senator. Drag can go to "zero drag" so it's your brute strength along with your rod and line test against the brute strength of the grouper or large snapper or big, honkin' dolphin. The weight of the 6/0 necessitates a fighting belt. Again, do your basic maintenance after every trip and the reel will last. At the price premium that you will pay for a Penn, you will want to protect your investment. Good news is that they retain their value, and there is a huge resale market-- check out eBay or your local pawn shops!

5 Stars 113H, 2006-09-18
Reviewer: Donpescador

I've fished my 113H extremely hard over it's 10 year life. It may lack the high tech look and feel of the newer domestic and imports, but its simple,rugged reliability really pay off in harsh, remote conditions. Mine spends it's life loaded with 80# spectra backing and a 60# mono topshot. It's primary purpose is zero drag combat panga fishing in the Sea of Cortez. I've landed 120# gulf grouper, 70# white sea bass and a 53# yellowtail on this reel. Coupled with a Calstar 700H, I can still cast a flylined mackerel a long ways. I use the same setup here in SoCal for makos and marlin. The fact that you can rebuild this reel in the field, and its clean ergonomics, make it an indespensible part of my arsenal.

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