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The Facts: Quantum Classic MG reels feature 4 stainless steel bearings; adjustable centrifugal cast control; solid one-piece aluminum frame; continuous anti-reverse; machined brass gears; high-capacity forged aluminum spool; and lubrication port.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
1420MGC 4BB 5.1:1 210/12 9.5 OZ
1421MGC 4BB 5.1:1 210/12 9.5 OZ
1430MGC 4BB 5.1:1 200/20 N/A
1431MGC 4BB 5.1:1 200/20 N/A

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5 Stars 1420 & 1430, 2005-04-26
Reviewer: Jimbojack

I have abused these reels for about 1 1/2 years and they take it. They are a budget version of the Cabo reels. No saltguard finish, fewer bearings, stainless rather than PT bearings, and conventional drags rather than ceramic. Also more plastic parts rather than all metal. The Cabos are topnotch reels, but if you want to spend a little less, you still get a lot of performance and durability for your buck.

I use the larger 1430 with 15 lb line and mainly live bait with the clicker. The 1420 is for working live baits and lures on 10 & 12 lb. These reels have really good capacity for their size.

They cast great and the drags are very smooth. I have serviced the reels several times and have not seen any noticeable wear, even after hauling in countless rays and guitarfish. They work well on the sand, and I have yet to hear that dreaded crunch from a poor fit and sand working its way in. I like the Hotsauce grease, but wasn't impressed with the oil, and went back to Yellow Rocketfuel. Fairly easy to service and reassemble.

The centrifugal brakes are very cool. You slide a lever, and turn the left sideplate to access the brake control. There are no silly shoes to adjust or lose, you just turn a dial. You can grease the main components by removing a tiny screw that holds on an access door. The clicker on the 1430 could be a little louder, but offers adequate resistance. I hate reels with wimpy clickers that are set off by any little wave or swell. Intially, I was worried about the plastic star drag thumbwheel, but they are sturdy and have a click adjustment.

Would I buy another? Already did. I was able to score a new 1420 on ebay for $32, and will buy more when I get a chance. These reels are workhorses, but still deliver smooth performance at a decent price.

5 Stars Quantum 1420 MG, 2005-04-02
Reviewer: Roy Bartolome

Initially this reel was to be my 12lb. swimbait reel. Well I came upon a trip recently but my 15lb. reel hadn't arrived so I had to make due with this reel. I went out fishing in Mexican waters in search of some rather large bonito. I placed the reel on a "Pioneer Series" United Rod UR80ML by Hastings Rod Manufacturing, used 150 yds. of 12lb. Stren Magnaflex as a backing and about a 75 yd. topshot of 15lb. Big Game (told you I had to make due). The swimbait used was a 5" MC Swimbait on a 1oz. leadhead.
Casting the reel took a little getting used to since I normally use bigger reels but once I got used to it, it was no problem. Reel had a nice freespool and an easy to adjust brake.
The reel was a tad too small for the rod I was using, I think the 1430 would be a better fit. It fit comfortably in my hand though.
The moment the fish hit it was game on. The fish made an inital run and pulled a good amount of line off the reel. The ceramic drags worked pretty good, nice and smooth. After the fight was over I had landed a nice 10lb. bonito. You may not think that's much but pound for pound you'd be hard pressed to find a better fighting fish. Finished the day catching small mackarel on a Krockodile just for fun. No problems again.
Overall, I was impressed with the reel. It only takes 1 good fish to point out good and bad qualities of a reel and since this was my makeshift 15lb. reel I found no problems. I'd rate it a 4.5/5

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