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The Facts: The Shimano Corvalus features die-cast aluminum frame and aluminum sideplates; VBS centrifugal brake system; Super Stopper anti-reverse with Assist Stopper backup; and an aluminum spool.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
CVL200 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 120/14 10.8 OZ
CVL300 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 190/14 10.9 OZ
CVL301 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 190/14 10.9 OZ
CVL400 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 250/14 11.8 OZ
CVL401 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 250/14 11.8 OZ

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5 Stars Best all around, 2019-11-09
Reviewer: Howard

Bought the CVL400 at the outer banks. Glad I did. I was casting a Penn 9, which isn't easy to do. In just a couple of tries, I was casting like a pro. Outcasting all the other guys by several yards. Who ever said you can't cast the CVL400 just doesn't know much about casting.

5 Stars That guy is a jerkoff, 2009-01-26
Reviewer: Dill Doedinger

You can't cast...dont blame the fucking reel, you stupid dumb shit. This thing is smoother than your sister's ass, and is an ace back bay striper/fluke reel for a hundred dollars cheaper than anything thats much improvement. Bud Bundy doesn't know his ass from a spackle knife.

5 Stars schematic incorrect, 2008-11-27
Reviewer: Fishinfool

Took apart the reel to clean and lube and discovered that the schematic is wrong. On the side plate located on the handle side, schematic shows a bearing under the cast controll knob. Upon removing cap I found no bearing or spacer as shown on schematic. Contacted Shimano service and was told that yes indeed that there is a bearing (no. 194) -not. I plan to contact Shimano once more to see if they will agree in my findings.

Reel should be advertiesed as having Two bearings and one roller bearing instead of three + one roller.

2 Stars pass and spend more money, 2008-08-28
Reviewer: Budbundy

if u cant afford any better than fine, but id say u should stay home for a couple weeks and buy something better. It doesnt cast well and definitely needs upgrades in my opinion which i havent done. The drag seems fine, and it cranks fine when hooked up, but its just not smooth in freespool and once again it doesnt cast very well.

3 Stars oetheous, 2008-01-21
Reviewer: Anonymous

Its an okay reel. My only complaint is that the one way roller bearing has a tendency to loosen up after continued use, eventually allowing the handle to slip back. Its very annoying.

1 Stars good for a while, 2007-11-06
Reviewer: Mick Nicols

This reel worked well for 1 fishing session then something inside broke ,i am currently looking for a schematic diagram,so i can try and fix it.I wish i kept the reciept.Bad purchase.

1 Stars Disengaging spool offset incorrect, 2007-11-02
Reviewer: Adrian

When free spooling for casting the cross cog is not moved far enough to stop the the bar from catching. Not sure if the issue is due to manufacturing defect in the placement of the bar on the spool or wether the plastic bridge should have been made to move the cog a little more.

Very annoying probably why there are so many on sale on eBay

4 Stars Nice Reel., 2006-01-27
Reviewer: J

I like the reel and the price was reasonable. I find that the sideplate screws come loose often if you dont tighten them down very tight. The thumb clutch needs to be cleaned well or oiled to prevent sticking. All in all just minow things that are easily addressed.

4 Stars Decent overall performer, with one exception..., 2006-01-06
Reviewer: JC

Decent performance for the price. Sufficiently light. Very smooth action. One deficiciency note: Gap in side plate can catch and suck in fishing line if one gives out too much slack. Avoid this by maintaining the tension on line-out at all times.

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