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tsu G-Power

When the money is on the line and I need a trusted fishing line that I can depend on, G Power is that line. I fish many bass events in Michigan and this line is by far the best. It will not break!...

Reviewed by: Mike Pierce on 2008-01-01 | Rating: 5 Stars

tsu G-Power

The best mono line I have ever used
Caught 103 Largemouth Bass on it in one day

Reviewed by: Skamanaic on 2007-04-07 | Rating: 5 Stars

tsu G-Power

Nice...nice....nice...soft,great knot strength...Low.low.low memory....I have caught hundreds of steelhead on 8# line many fish in the teens and a few 25+ try a couple of 40# salmon to, all brought...

Reviewed by: Merrell Peterson on 2005-07-23 | Rating: 5 Stars

tsu G-Power

This stuff isn't as nice as suffix, but is still pretty sweet.

It also has very little memory which is nice. The one problem that I found with it is that it seems much more...

Reviewed by: Hara (aka Climberb9) on 2005-04-01 | Rating: 4 Stars

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