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Manufacturer's Blurb: Carbon Pro is a castable 100% fluorocarbon fishing line. Now every fisherman can discover the benefit that ultra-low visibility fluorocarbon has to offer. Carbon Pro boasts the easy handling, smooth casting qualities of the finest premium monofilaments but the comparison with mono stops there. Carbon Pro is virtually invisible in the water and is far more abrasion resistant than ordinary mono. It is unaffected by the sun's UV rays and the tensile strength of Carbon Pro is clearly superior. But perhaps the biggest reason to fish it is that anglers claim it has increased their bites up to 10 times!

Colors Lbs Test Spool Size
Clear 4-20 200-1000 yds

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5 Stars unbelievable, 2007-02-19
Reviewer: Bob Whiteman

I am a bass fisherman in Michigan, I bought some Seagaur 6lb line for my spinning reels,to go to Dale Hollow Lake smallmouth fishing in April. I happen to catch more fish than my partner who was using mono line. Do to my work schedule I didn't get to fish again until a spur of the moment trip in October near my home. As I was heading out I remembered the same line was still on, so as I idled to my first spot I let the line out to trail behind the boat to see if it would help get out the inevitable loops that would be there. To my amazement there didn't seem to be any coiling in the line. After I respooled the line back on the reel and began casting an 1/8 oz grub, it was like a new line...unbelievable. With monofilament line it would not have uncoiled, as most fisheman have experienced after a month on the reel. What a great money saver not to have to replace the line as often not to mention the hassle.

5 Stars Great Stuff, 2005-04-13
Reviewer: Hara (aka climberb9)

eaguar Fluoro carbon doesn't have the same crystal clear "vanishing" effect as Berekly Vanish, but it has strength. It is still thin enough and clear enough that it is barely detected underwater, but Seaguar lines also have the strength that is indicated on the spool, unlike Vanish.

I'ts abrasion resistance is good, and so is its overall durablity. Those two qualities give you a line that you can fish longer on the same reel with the same end effect.

This line works great a mainline due to its strength. Seaguar also makes specialized leader material that I believe is a bit thinner, but not ment to be used in the wear and tear that a mainline gets.

*****/***** five stars for its all around capablities.

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