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The Shimano Terez has been a game changer for those looking for a light rod that has power. No longer are anglers finding themselves searching for custom rod blank or paying high prices to have a custom rod built. While the Terez is not the cheapest rod offered by Shimano, it is one of the best bangs for the buck and highly sought after by tournament fishing anglers.

The color choices of the rods have made it very popular for anglers that like to match all their gear to the reel, boat, team colors, etc.

Just recenlty Shimano has released the Shimano Terez in black as they have found that anglers still want to have black rods in their arsenal.  Whatever color you choose, you can be sure that the quality of rod you are receiving is on par with what you would expect.

The Terez probably spawned from the success of the jigging line TC4 construction rods. Anglers were found using the rods for everything from snapper to monster tarpon. By making a few tweaks, Shimano has seen great success with the Terez line.

We like the rod pairs with the latest Shimano Saragosa for spinning or a small Avet for conventional.  Both reels are priced great and very high quality drag systems.

Here are some specs from Shimano:

TC4 Blank Construction

Smallest Diameter Blank Actions to fish
Waxwing with PowerPro Custom shaped grips
Fuji K Style Frames
Fuji Alconite Rings
Custom Skeletonized
Aluminum Reel Seat

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5 Stars Best Rod On The Market, 2014-11-24
Reviewer: Brian

I am a tournament sailfish angler and we have 8 of their sailfish line paired with Shimano conventionals and 20b mono. They are very light and have backbone to get the fish in quick and healthy for a good release.

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