Cabela's Fish Eagle Guide SS Spinning Reels Review

Fish Eagle Guide SS

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The Facts: The Cabela's Fish Eagle Guide SS spinning reel features an unlimited anti-reverse; 6 ball bearing system; titanium-shielded Resist Twist line roller; fatwire bail; and longcast spool.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
GSS-25D 5BB + 1RB 5.3:1 130/4 7.8 OZ
GSS-30D 5BB + 1RB 5.3:1 145/6 7.9 OZ
GSS-35D 5BB + 1RB 5.3:1 165/8 9.5 OZ
GSS-40D 5BB + 1RB 5.3:1 135/12 9.6 OZ

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1 Stars Can't get parts, 2006-12-29
Reviewer: David Bonner

Try getting parts for any Cabela's reel. They don't sell them or tell your who makes it. They want you to send it in for a check up to see how much it's worth so you can apply it to a new one. Sounds like a throw away reel to me.

4 Stars A Practicle Reel, 2005-03-10
Reviewer: Hara Kumaran (aka climberb9)

One nice feature of the cabela's guide SS is that i comes with an extra spool, allowing you to quickly and easily change between two different lines which can be extremely helpful in some situations.

The drag system on the guide SS is extremely reliable. I have landed many fish with this rod, and have yet to encounter a problem with the drag. This reel handles fish big (steelhead and salmon) and small (perch and small brown rockfish) equally well. Also, this reel had held up for me well in both Fresh and Salt water.

It has six ball bearings which make this reel extremely smooth.

The gear ratio is fine aswell

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