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OK in fairness I fish more extreem conditions than most. My reel gets dunked and I snag rocks regularly, snapping mono 10 lb. often. I fish about 5 days a week. (IA 40)I destroyed this reel's...

Reviewed by: Dewy on 2009-01-04 | Rating: 5 Stars


I currently own 3 EB65's and 3 EB30's. These reels get serious use several times a week. Okuma's drag system is second to none, and for the price, these reels cannot be beat.


Reviewed by: Bret on 2007-11-05 | Rating: 5 Stars


Yes, it's a bit heavier but that's what you get with quality alloy instead of plastic. Feature-packed, this reel is capable of handling a wide array of fish.

A well-connected...

Reviewed by: Bill Dale on 2006-07-23 | Rating: 5 Stars


I managed to pick one of these up on sale for $60 last year. The reel is rock solid and the spare spool that came with it is a metal spool not one of the cheapo plastic ones that I see typically...

Reviewed by: David Athay on 2006-05-31 | Rating: 5 Stars


I have the Okuma MD30. I like it because it is extreemly smooth when winding in, It is light weight, the drag system is easy to find and adjust during the fight. I use my reel in a very harsh surf...

Reviewed by: big bad john on 2005-03-21 | Rating: 5 Stars


The only negative I have with this reel is that it's heavy. Otherwise the drag is strong and the reel operation is smooth due to its multiple ball bearings. I only have had this for a few months so...

Reviewed by: Forrest on 2005-03-07 | Rating: 4 Stars

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