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The Facts: The Quantum Catalyst PTi spinning reel features a TiMAG Bi-polar Magnetic Bail Mechanism, which uses magnetic forces instead of springs. The Catalyst PTi also comes equipped with 8 polymer/stainless hybrid high-speed bearings with HotSauce molecular lubrication; a one-piece Thinline aluminum body and side cover construction; scratch resistant vacuum deposition coating; and a ceramic magnum drag system.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
CT10PTi 8BB 5.2:1 125/4 8.3 OZ
CT20PTi 8BB 5.2:1 140/6 9.6 OZ
CT30PTi 8BB 5.2:1 160/8 12.3 OZ
CT40PTi 8BB 5.2:1 230/10 12.5 OZ

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2 Stars pti 20, 2009-09-08
Reviewer: Budpalumbo

Drag issues after one year. Plastic housed anti-reverse bearing set makes the reel hard to crank after a long day on the water, started to slip- reel will reverse without the drag engaging. The parts were replaced and the second day using got hard to crank again.

Would have gone 1 star but when it works, it is smooth.

5 Stars Catylist pti 40, 2009-03-14
Reviewer: Chuck Lowery

This is the best reel I have ever owned, it is REALLY smooth and strong. I have used it to catch 20 lb. yellowtail, and other serious fighting fish offshore in California. Drag problems? NO WAY!

1 Stars drag problems, 2007-10-16
Reviewer: Anonymous

Reel is super smooth to operate but don't try to fight a 2 pound bass. the drag won't tighten enough to keep from cranking against the drag,and won't stop a run

5 Stars great performance reel, 2005-03-11
Reviewer: Rob Carlson

First off its very well made. Reeling in is very stable and smooth. I don't know if the Hot Sauce lube makes it this smooth but I'm sure that it doesn't hurt. The titanium bait wire is also nice because you don't have to worry about bending it out of shape. Its just like a titanium spinnerbait. It will snap back into shape as long as you don't bend it too much.

The only semi-negative thing that I can say about this is that I would prefer a spool design like a Daiwa ABS spool. It's supposed to be designed wide and sloped for increased casting. I still think that they can go wider but it might just be me.

Recommendation: High

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