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The new VM150 features a changeable left- or right-hand retrieve, holds 350 yards of 30-pound braided line and can handle up to 30 pounds of drag stopping power. At $399 it's the strongest, most affordable reel in its class. The aluminum and stainless steel construction of the VM150 create more than enough strength to tackle big and exotic fish and the precision gears and smooth drag performance make it the perfect go-to reel from boat or from shore.

VM150 285 yd. / 12 lb. 350 yds. / 30 lb. 4.9:1 22.5 oz. 33" / Turn

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2 Stars Vs vm 150 nothing but problemsthus far, 2011-05-24
Reviewer: Mike Sanford

I purchased a vm-150 and thus far it has performed poorly. It does not lay line well and the 20lb fireline that two tackle store owners have tried to adjust on the spool properly ,always seems to lay towards the back of the spool, causing the reel to cast poorly and throwing the line over the top of the back of the reel, which not only causes giant loops in the line..on the spool, but also has resulted in the line not traveling through the guides efficiently and caused several lure snap offs. The reel works 70% of the time if you use at least a1.5 ounce lure, but switch to a lighter lure and get ready for loose line wrapping around the bottom of your reel.The reel is very solidly built and smooth but I will be taking this up with VS reps to see if they can offer some means of fixing the problems. I have always been treated fairly by VS, so Hopefully this will work out. But for now, I would be very reluctant to purchase the VM 150 ever again. Maybe, I just got a lemon.

4 Stars Great Boat Reel Not Exactly For Surf Though, 2011-04-18
Reviewer: Paul Okeer

I recently got a hold of a VM150 for a great price so had to take a better look at it in my garage. I am a long time owner of over 6 VS reels. This reel is the more affordable version, but it is more for a boat rather than swimming out a bait or battling rough surf conditions. It is up to the van staal standards in other respects though.

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