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The Facts: The Newell P-Series reels feature rugged stainless steel/graphite construction with 4 stainless reinforcing rings, unbreakable side-plates, hard-polished stainless brake discs and heat-treated stainless steel gears. They differ from the S-Series by the way of an aluminum spool, metal bearing caps, aluminum spacer bars for the frame assembly, and an aluminum handle.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
P220F N/A 5:1 200/20 13.7 OZ
P229F N/A 5:1 290/20 14.3 OZ
P235F N/A 5:1 350/20 14.7 OZ
P332F N/A 5:1 320/30 15.3 OZ
P338F N/A 5:1 380/30 16.4 OZ
P344F N/A 5:1 440/30 16.9 OZ
P440F N/A 5:1 440/40 18.3 OZ
P447F N/A 5:1 470/40 19.3 OZ
P454F N/A 5:1 540/40 19.8 OZ
P533-4.6F N/A 4.6:1 330/50 20.3 OZ
P533-5.5F N/A 5.5:1 330/50 20.3 OZ
P546-4.6F N/A 4.6:1 460/50 21.8 OZ
P550-4.6 N/A 4.6:1 500/50 24 OZ

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5 Stars P Series 332, 2005-07-11
Reviewer: Anonymous

A few years a ago I asked a sportboat captain what type of reel I should get for tossing iron for yellowtail and other local fish in southern california. He recommended a Newell 332, he also added if I could afford the cost to go with a P series model. He told me I would really like the better built P-series and it would make a great reel for Iron, because it is light, has a great freespool and easy to take out backlashes. Everything he said proved right and the large oversized handle gave me great cranking power despite the higher gear ratio. I can cast all day and not tire and have landed some big fish and tuna on it.

Some complain about the noise the Newell reels make but mine is quiet and very smooth. It also give me a great connection to the fish where I can feel its every move, thats hard to explain until you land some fish on one.

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