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The Lifeproof Iphone case is advertising as a waterproof phone case. Thie case fits snug around your phone and has seals all the way around and where the iphone plug goes into. There is a screw with a seal that unscrews for you to plug in your headphones. They offer 2 models. One which has a plastic case over the screen and the other that does not. The one without the plastic case is advertised to fit snug and be sealed as to not let water in.

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1 Stars Phone Got Wet, 2013-11-27
Reviewer: Turd Fergeson

I had this case in my pocket while out on the boat and it started raining. The rest is history, somehow water got into it and I was liable and my phone was dead. I had to spend $500 to get a new phone and even though Lifeproof offered me a new case, I will not be using it. There is no such thing as waterproof! Water resistant, maybe, but I wouldn't be dunking your phone in the water and taking video and pictures like I see all over the internet.

Phone Got Wet

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