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Lifeproof Iphone Waterproof Case

I had this case in my pocket while out on the boat and it started raining. The rest is history, somehow water got into it and I was liable and my phone was dead. I had to spend $500 to get a...

Reviewed by: Turd Fergeson on 2013-11-27 | Rating: 1 Stars

Mophie Outride

This case is good in theory if you need the joice, but I love my super slim lifeproof case when on the boat.

Reviewed by: Tyler Durden on 2013-05-24 | Rating: 3 Stars

Mophie Outride

I know people at Mophie and got my hands on the OUtride this morning. I did a quick pool test that involved some water and impact testing and lets just say I am impressed. I currently own 2...

Reviewed by: Capt Robby on 2012-08-02 | Rating: 5 Stars

Mophie Outride

I have been waiting on purchasing the GoPro and glad I did. I expect this product to do very well as long as the quality is up to par.

Reviewed by: Jack on 2012-08-01 | Rating: 5 Stars

driSuit driSuit endurance Waterproof iPhone case

I pre-ordered this case after hearing about it from a friend in the industry. My last waterproof case was such a misssion to get on and off. I had to use a small screw driver and such. What...

Reviewed by: Patt on 2012-05-02 | Rating: 5 Stars

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