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From the makers of the JuicePack, an iPhone accessory to super charge your phone's battery life, comes the new case that turns your iPhone into an action camera accessory. Very similar to the GoPro Camera, the Outride is waterproof and provides a high amout of impact protection. The price is stated to start at $130.

We love this product as we are living in a world where we have one accessory that can do everything (Thanks Apple!). For some of us, I am not sure we will be strapping our $600 phone to a surfboard no matter how good the Outride is, but I can see this product being mounted to some extreme areas to capture video like no other phone.

While the GoPro is the leader in this industry, I still think it will be amazing to have the same abilities in an iPhone thanks to the OutRide case.

Now for the real deal - Frames per Second. The iPhone 4s does not allow you to go to 720p and 60 fps as the GoPro does. I find this to be pretty important when shooting action video. 720p is still very clear video and when you go to 1080p, you drop your FPS in half. Thus losing the quality in high action video.

So would you rather shoot with the GoPro or with an iPhone in the Outride case. For me, I have my iPhone on me 24/7 and would rather sacrafice a little quality by not having to carry multiple cameras with me. I am so tired of having muliple size USB Cords, having to stay on top of charging each accessory and carrying them all the time! 

I will be purchasing the Outride and giving a full review when it comes out. I like the idea of keeping the accessory in my boat bag or in truck and ready to go on my iPhone at any time. I have a charging station in the boat, truck, home, etc. to ensure that my iPhone is always ready to capture the moment. 

I am most interested in how the accessory acts as a case when on the boat fishing and in areas where moisture is an issue. I need to be able to touch the screen and use certain apps such as watching the radar. I understand this accesssory is more of a GoPro type camera housing, but it would be great if you don't lose touch screen ability.

Bottom line, for $130 you get the similar features to a GoPro camera along with all the awesome features that make the iPhone the best phone available bar none!

I hope the Outride fits the new iPhone 5 too as we are all unpatiently awaiting for the launch!

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3 Stars Just Get A Lifeproof, 2013-05-24
Reviewer: Tyler Durden

This case is good in theory if you need the joice, but I love my super slim lifeproof case when on the boat.

5 Stars I Am The First To Get one, 2012-08-02
Reviewer: Capt Robby

I know people at Mophie and got my hands on the OUtride this morning. I did a quick pool test that involved some water and impact testing and lets just say I am impressed. I currently own 2 go pros and it will be great to have my iphone as my third angle in many situations while out fishing or diving. I can't say anything bad about this yet, but I plan on doing a full test tomorrow.

5 Stars Looks Amazing I want one, 2012-08-01
Reviewer: Jack

I have been waiting on purchasing the GoPro and glad I did. I expect this product to do very well as long as the quality is up to par.

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