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The Facts: The Shimano Sedona spinning reel features a Super Stopper II anti-reverse roller bearing; three A-RB anti-rust ball bearings; Dyna-Balance rotors to eliminate wobble; a sturdy graphite frame, sideplate and rotor; and a Power Roller oversized line roller. The FB series reels have a Floating Shaft to reduce friction between the pinion gear and spool shaft for smoothness and durability. The rear-drag RB series lets the angler use the knob to set the drag and the lever can be adjusted to increase or decrease the drag when fighting a fish.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
SE750FB 2BB + 1RB 4.7:1 120/4 6.9 OZ
SE1500FB 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 130/6 9.5 OZ
SE2500FB 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 140/8 9.7 OZ
SE4000FB 3BB + 1RB 5.1:1 200/10 12.1 OZ
SE6000FB 3BB + 1RB 4.4:1 240/12 12.1 OZ
SE8000FB 3BB + 1RB 4.4:1 270/14 12.1 OZ
SE1500RB 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 130/6 12.1 OZ
SE2500RB 3BB + 1RB 5.2:1 140/8 12.1 OZ
SE4000RB 3BB + 1RB 5.1:1 200/10 12.1 OZ

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5 Stars Takes a beating, 2014-09-12

I found my sedona 6000 while diving in 60' of water off the northern California coast. The rod was beat up bad, barnacles well established on the guides, grips eaten by urchin,reel seat frozen etc. I figured the reel would be shot but threw it on the boat anyway. After a soaking in fresh water I managed to get all the bearings turning quickly enough, oiled her up and it works perfectly. A real testament to the quality stainless and aluminum parts it was constructed of.

2 Stars Value reel, 2008-11-03
Reviewer: Charlie

The Sedona is great as a beginner's reel. You get a lot of value for a quality reel. It will handle quality fish in a way that will surprise you (halibut, small sharks, corbina, croakers). You will wear this reel out in the surf environment. Be ready to strip down and clean out this reel several times during the season to prolong its life.

4 Stars Great reel, 2008-08-28
Reviewer: budbundy

An awesome reel at an awesome price. It just looks nice, it feels solid and works very smooth. U can get it for 40 bucks on sale and i dont think it cant be beat. Feels like a real quality reel in ur hands.

5 Stars Shimano Sedona, 2007-08-10
Reviewer: Angler4life

The best reel that i have ever bought. I have pulled in many fish and love it each time.

5 Stars The standard for Low Cost reels., 2007-05-23
Reviewer: Scuba

I spent $50 dollars on a Sedona 4000FB and have never regretted purchasing this reel. With a smooth drag and Solid feel to it. It would be foolish to expect anything more for the dollars you spent.
I have caught countless Bass on this Reel. and am looking forward to using it tomorrow

4 Stars Sedona 4000 - nice reel, 2007-02-01
Reviewer: Chris

I've been using the reel for over a year - it sees action at least once a week in the California surf. This reel has performed perfectly - smooth drag, good balance with great reliability. Compared to some other more expensive reels I've owned in the past, this is the best bang for the buck.

Only service I've done to the reel is wash with fresh water after use and occasionally oil the parts according to the instructions.

4 Stars sedona 2500, 2006-11-16
Reviewer: kissthecrook

Great reels; own two. No problems yet. An amazing advance on the reels of the 1970s. Plastic-packs have extra spool. Price drop recently; readily available for 40 dollars.

5 Stars Big bang, Little reel, 2006-09-18
Reviewer: Donpescador

I bought my sedona 2yrs ago to replace a much more exspensive D**** that had a slight tweek in the spool shaft and ground a tad on retreive. When I asked the d**** rep about repair, he told me I was better off to by a new reel. Well, I did. The sedona is outstanding. I run only 4# on this reel in both fresh and salt. It's landed over 300 trout, biggest being a 6.2# wild brown from the frying pan river in Colorado. An 8.4# largemouth, and numerous cats up to 15#. It's held up very well in the sand, salt, mud and blood that I encounter on my many inshore salt adventures here in SoCal. Bonito, calicos, halibut, and a myriad of other species including many small sharks and rays have tested it's drag. It still runs smooth. I purchase only Shimano any more. Their customer service is outstanding, and very accessible. My sedona has never been in for service, but when it is time, I know I am in good hands. By the way, my $150 tournament D#%&* is on the bottom of the Pacific ocean where it belongs!

5 Stars 5 stars for a good value, 2005-02-16
Reviewer: Tom

Dig deep and you can find this reel for less than $40. I'm giving this reel a 5 star rating because I think that you get a lot of quality components for that price. ARB corrosion resistant bearings (important for us saltwater anglers), instant anti-reverse, and a surprisingly smooth drag contributes to its value. I've owned an older model for over 6 years and my wife still uses it today (and these didn't even have the corrosion resistant bearings). There's a saying that says, "buy cheap, buy twice" but that's not the case with this reel. It'll last you forever, or until you decide to splurge for a Sustain or Stella! ;)

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