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I own (6) 2500FH and love them. Only problem is I can't find a couple reel handles for them anymore. I tried most of the blogs with no luck. I see my only option is to buy a used reel for 30-40,...

Reviewed by: Tony on 2015-01-21 | Rating: 5 Stars


Two weeks ago I bought a Symetre 3000FL. I took it fishing that day. I loved it. I thought "Another great shimano product" What a rude awakening. Here we are 2 weeks later, I have sine bought...

Reviewed by: Greg Lankford on 2014-12-28 | Rating: 1 Stars


I found my sedona 6000 while diving in 60' of water off the northern California coast. The rod was beat up bad, barnacles well established on the guides, grips eaten by urchin,reel seat frozen...

Reviewed by: on 2014-09-12 | Rating: 5 Stars


my wife and i both use sidekick,sedona shimanos. i have landed HUNDREDS of fish, guppy to trophy, fast water and calm,with fish that dont care if they live and some that i have gone chest deep...

Reviewed by: tom albright on 2011-05-28 | Rating: 5 Stars


i have had this reel for 10 years and it has reeled many fish in, it has been my favorite reel untill recently the anti reverse stopped working-does anyone know how to fix this? thanks much!

Reviewed by: diane on 2011-05-09 | Rating: 5 Stars


I th0ught my new Stradic was a step up from my old Cardinal 54 and Cardinal 44. Now that the gears and bearingS are worn out and they have no parts I know I was wrong. If Shimano put poor...

Reviewed by: Greenshank on 2010-08-27 | Rating: 1 Stars


SHIMANO STL4000F Having purchased this reel[first generation
stella] approx. 7yrs ago I thought I was purchasing a reel that
would last a good many yrs.As it turns out the $479 reel...

Reviewed by: joseph Petrillo on 2009-07-23 | Rating: 1 Stars


I own a 1000 size and it works great, super smooth, nice feel.

Reviewed by: KogaHead on 2009-07-02 | Rating: 4 Stars


The new rear drag Symetre has great potential as it is packed with features & improvements over the RI model.
However, the push-button quick change feature for the spool assembly, is not...

Reviewed by: Bob Coburn on 2009-03-27 | Rating: 1 Stars


The Sedona is great as a beginner's reel. You get a lot of value for a quality reel. It will handle quality fish in a way that will surprise you (halibut, small sharks, corbina, croakers). You will...

Reviewed by: Charlie on 2008-11-03 | Rating: 2 Stars

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