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The Facts: The Shimano Symetre spinning reel features 4 A-RB anti-rust ball bearings and a Super Stopper II anti-reverse roller bearing; a Fluidrive II polished oversized drive gear; Dyna-Balance rotor to eliminate wobble during the retrieves; and the slow oscillation creates perfect line lay for superior casting distance and maximum contact with your bait or lure during the retrieve. The solid, non-flexing frame (graphite on the 750) and graphite rotor and sideplate provide superior durability without adding weight. The Power Roller II (III on the 750 model) reduces line twist. The FB reels have a Floating Shaft to reduce friction between the pinion gear and spool shaft for smoothness and durability. RI series feature a rear Fightin' Drag.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
SY750FI 4BB + 1RB 4.7:1 120/4 6.9 OZ
SY1500FI 4BB + 1RB 6.0:1 130/6 9.5 OZ
SY2500FI 4BB + 1RB 6.0:1 140/8 9.5 OZ
SY4000FI 4BB + 1RB 5.7:1 200/10 13.3 OZ
SY1500RI 4BB + 1RB 6.0:1 130/6 10.1 OZ
SY2500RI 4BB + 1RB 6.0:1 140/8 10.1 OZ
SY4000RI 4BB + 1RB 5.7:1 200/10 13.9 OZ

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1 Stars Shimano should be ashamed, 2014-12-28
Reviewer: Greg Lankford

Two weeks ago I bought a Symetre 3000FL. I took it fishing that day. I loved it. I thought "Another great shimano product" What a rude awakening. Here we are 2 weeks later, I have sine bought the second one and now learned they are JUNK. I have wasted 200 bucks and now using my Penn Battle which is by no means my favorite reel however , it does operate which is more than I can say for either of the Symetre reel. I have never bought a reel that wasn't a Shimano in all my years of fishing (the Penn was a gift). Maybe I need to rethink this before I buy another Shimano.

1 Stars SY2500RJ, 2009-03-27
Reviewer: Bob Coburn

The new rear drag Symetre has great potential as it is packed with features & improvements over the RI model.
However, the push-button quick change feature for the spool assembly, is not useful as the spare spools are not available, nor is a spare included with your purchase!
Shimano USA doesn't know when they will be here!!

5 Stars Better than most costing $200 +, 2008-09-16
Reviewer: happybasser

This is a great reel for 75 bucks. The best ive fised anyway. It is extremley smooth and powerful. Definitley going to by sevral more for finesse fishing. Matter a fact Im not gonna by another spinning reel unless it is a shimano symetre.

3 Stars gums up when dunked, 2008-05-16
Reviewer: chris

shimano seems to put way too much grease in there, and it gums up if it gets wet.

5 Stars Symetre is sensational!, 2007-07-04
Reviewer: Jesse

This is coming from someone who has been around the block a bit, bass fishing wise. I recently got a 2500 FI and it is simply the best spinning reel I've ever fished. I easily cast 10 feet farther with this thing, and the retrieve is powerful. This reel incorporates Shimano's S-concept technology, and I've got to say, for those of you who are skeptical, it's NOT B.S. Shimano has really done their homework here; the drag is sensitive, the retrieve is fast, it has the famed AR-B bearings, the oscillation is predictable, what more can I say? Remember, the number of bearings is NO indication of quality. Submerge this thing and it still keeps fighting! It's just about the same as the Stradic except for place of manufacture so for those of you who want to spend more on a reel, please, please at least check out the Symetre before you do. I paired it with a Fenway Techna AV rod and I couldn't be more pleased with the combo. There's a reason why Shimano has been at the forefront of fishing technology after all these years, and it's worth your while to discover why. If you're doing research, at least keep in mind that the cheapest S-concept example is only available on the Sedona 750 model (an ultralight reel); the Symetre line is where Shimano chooses to showcase its technology for the rest of us. This is coming from someone who's fished Garcia, Daiwa, and Quantum: Shimano is for reel!

5 Stars The best spinning reel I've ever had!!!, 2007-07-03
Reviewer: Michael Ingao

An outstanding reel for little money and it's a Shimano! We all know how expensive Shimano is. A great bargain!! Stands up to saltwater like a champ!! My favorite spinning reel for the surf!

5 Stars SY1500RI, 2006-08-27
Reviewer: Dan Tacet

the best reel I've ever used on lake fishing.
when you hook up a 5-7 pounder you will under stand the importance of having this baby, very responsive. you will enjoy the quality

5 Stars Like butter..., 2005-04-22
Reviewer: JSB

I fish the 1500FI and yes, it's butter...It's big enough to hold just enough 6# and small enough to where you can fish it with 4#. Shimano's line has by far the most options to choose from, but I chose the Symetre because of the castability, smooth retrieve, and most importantly, the sealed bearings that keep the saltwater out. I use the setup for trout in the eastern sierras as well as off the local so cal beaches for perch, halibut, etc. It's perfect matched up with a Shimano Clarus rod (I fish the 7'6" lite model and I really couldn't imagine a better fit).

5 Stars Symetre SY750FI review, 2005-03-10
Reviewer: Phillip Dorman

I've been a Tica user for a few years and really didn't give Shimano a shot until they came out with the 750 size. I have both the Sahara and Symetre in the 750 and love them... The Symetre is as smooth and solid as my 200.00 Tica 10 bearing reel. The weight is, I think 6.7 oz. which for my tournament Crappie fishing works great matched up with a 6.6 Loomis IMX UL. I am looking to buy another Symetre in the near future to team up with my custom made St Croix Legend 5'9ULF... Try one you will like it.

2 Stars SY2000, 2005-02-12
Reviewer: Tom

I found a good deal for this reel on ebay so I bought it (even though I really didn't need one). I was impressed with the lower Sedona model so I was expecting this reel to be nicer.

My impression was that it was a smooth reel but I felt that it was a bit too heavy for the size (2000 size). I don't know if it's the construction or some extra bearings, but the extra weight isn't worth either of those things to me. I'd rather step down and get a Sedona or step up and get a Stradic or Sustain (or a Stella in my dreams!)

Anyways, I ended up selling this to my friend at cost. I never even fished with it so no comment on the drag or castability.

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