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About Us - Tackle Files - fishing tackle reviews by real anglers

Welcome fellow anglers! My name is Tom and I'm a certified fishing tackle addict! When shopping for new tackle, I often came across various reviews and descriptions that were written by marketing departments and salesmen, but I had a hard time finding opinions from independent users. I decided to create this site to give us "real anglers" a place to share our experiences with our favorite, or not so favorite, fishing gear.

I would like to invite you now to browse the site and write some reviews on the gear that you've used. The more reviews we write, the bigger the site gets. The bigger the site gets, the more our voice is heard! Lets work together in making Tackle Files the ultimate resource for information on fishing gear. Hopefully then I can spend less money on gear that ends up collecting dust in my closet! ;)

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions. If not, have fun and I'll be looking forward to reading your reviews!




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