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Awesome reel!!!! But you kinda have to learn how to cast it first.

Reviewed by: Anonymous on 2009-05-06 | Rating: 5 Stars


This was a gift for a friend. He took it out of the box, put his line on it and the drag fails no matter what. It has barely any drag no matter what he sets it at. The temperature here is in the...

Reviewed by: Harborseal on 2008-07-06 | Rating: 5 Stars


I have one of the single speed 5:1 SX models as well as the new
6/4 two speed. these are the smoothest reels I have ever used,
and the lever drag is a great feature. I was able to...

Reviewed by: fishr1989 on 2008-04-30 | Rating: 5 Stars


Just bought the left-hand retrieve version of the LX 4.6:1 and am impressed with it's freespool and drag adjustment. While not possessing the robust,overbuilt, meticulously crafted quality of a...

Reviewed by: aalva66 on 2007-08-31 | Rating: 5 Stars


I have owned several TL's and Penn's, all of them are "BIG". When I got the Avet I was suprised at the small size and it's ability to hold a lot of line (spectra). I was very impressed until I...

Reviewed by: Mr. Jackson on 2007-03-15 | Rating: 5 Stars


This is one of the best reels in its price range available great free spool and very powerful smooth drag. Many people dont like the backplay in the handle and would prefer antireverse instead of...

Reviewed by: Anonymous on 2006-10-05 | Rating: 5 Stars


this reel holds 300 yds. of 65# Spectra and over 100 yds. of 50# Izorline topshot. Great freespool, great drag system. I use mine for fishing jigs for yellowtail and wahoo. It would also make a...

Reviewed by: frog on 2005-12-26 | Rating: 5 Stars


The AVET EX50 hold 500 yds of 135# spectra and a 50 yd. topshot of 135# mono. It casts great. Has fabulous free spool. smooth non-fading drags and a long throw handle. It's lighter than other...

Reviewed by: frog on 2005-12-17 | Rating: 5 Stars


I own big game 2 speeds from just about every company, and I must say that the Avet ex50 narrow SDS is my favorite one by far... This should be of interest to anyone, since it is the least...

Reviewed by: Steve on 2005-12-09 | Rating: 5 Stars


good looks and probably the most easily acquireable lever drag of this size. if youre looking for a small lever drag reel, this may work for you. free spools forever. and with some...

Reviewed by: Arvin Reyes on 2005-02-17 | Rating: 3 Stars

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