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Shimano Stradic

I own (6) 2500FH and love them. Only problem is I can't find a couple reel handles for them anymore. I tried most of the blogs with no luck. I see my only option is to buy a used reel for 30-40,...

Reviewed by: Tony on 2015-01-21 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Symetre

Two weeks ago I bought a Symetre 3000FL. I took it fishing that day. I loved it. I thought "Another great shimano product" What a rude awakening. Here we are 2 weeks later, I have sine bought...

Reviewed by: Greg Lankford on 2014-12-28 | Rating: 1 Stars

Shimano Sedona

I found my sedona 6000 while diving in 60' of water off the northern California coast. The rod was beat up bad, barnacles well established on the guides, grips eaten by urchin,reel seat frozen...

Reviewed by: on 2014-09-12 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Sidestab

my wife and i both use sidekick,sedona shimanos. i have landed HUNDREDS of fish, guppy to trophy, fast water and calm,with fish that dont care if they live and some that i have gone chest deep...

Reviewed by: tom albright on 2011-05-28 | Rating: 5 Stars

Van Staal VM150

I purchased a vm-150 and thus far it has performed poorly. It does not lay line well and the 20lb fireline that two tackle store owners have tried to adjust on the spool properly ,always...

Reviewed by: Mike Sanford on 2011-05-24 | Rating: 2 Stars

Shimano Sidestab

i have had this reel for 10 years and it has reeled many fish in, it has been my favorite reel untill recently the anti reverse stopped working-does anyone know how to fix this? thanks much!

Reviewed by: diane on 2011-05-09 | Rating: 5 Stars

Penn Affinity

I'm not sure if they make these anymore but they are worth having in your arsenal. I picked up one up on ebay for about $60 last year and is still going strong. I highly recommend you rinse...

Reviewed by: Tyler Cruzan on 2011-05-04 | Rating: 4 Stars

Van Staal VSB

Van Staal is the way anglers would want a reel built. I have a bunch of VS models and my favorite is my VS 150 for the size and weight, but the VSB models are strong and you can really put the...

Reviewed by: Paul Wade on 2011-04-19 | Rating: 4 Stars

Van Staal VM150

I recently got a hold of a VM150 for a great price so had to take a better look at it in my garage. I am a long time owner of over 6 VS reels. This reel is the more affordable version, but it...

Reviewed by: Paul Okeer on 2011-04-18 | Rating: 4 Stars

Van Staal VS

I was a bit hesitant to buy a new Van Staal since they are all china made now and apparently not as good as they used to be when made in america. But I am very pleased with the quality and...

Reviewed by: Scott on 2011-04-17 | Rating: 5 Stars

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