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Shimano Corvalus

Bought the CVL400 at the outer banks. Glad I did. I was casting a Penn 9, which isn't easy to do. In just a couple of tries, I was casting like a pro. Outcasting all the other guys by...

Reviewed by: Howard on 2019-11-09 | Rating: 5 Stars

Abel Large Arbor Super Series

I was pleasant surprised this, great drag and very versatile. Worth having a look at - won't disappoint!

Reviewed by: Randy Todd on 2019-03-21 | Rating: 4 Stars

Shimano Stradic

I own (6) 2500FH and love them. Only problem is I can't find a couple reel handles for them anymore. I tried most of the blogs with no luck. I see my only option is to buy a used reel for 30-40,...

Reviewed by: Tony on 2015-01-21 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Symetre

Two weeks ago I bought a Symetre 3000FL. I took it fishing that day. I loved it. I thought "Another great shimano product" What a rude awakening. Here we are 2 weeks later, I have sine bought...

Reviewed by: Greg Lankford on 2014-12-28 | Rating: 1 Stars

Shimano Terez

I am a tournament sailfish angler and we have 8 of their sailfish line paired with Shimano conventionals and 20b mono. They are very light and have backbone to get the fish in quick and...

Reviewed by: Brian on 2014-11-24 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Sedona

I found my sedona 6000 while diving in 60' of water off the northern California coast. The rod was beat up bad, barnacles well established on the guides, grips eaten by urchin,reel seat frozen...

Reviewed by: on 2014-09-12 | Rating: 5 Stars

Lifeproof Iphone Waterproof Case

I had this case in my pocket while out on the boat and it started raining. The rest is history, somehow water got into it and I was liable and my phone was dead. I had to spend $500 to get a...

Reviewed by: Turd Fergeson on 2013-11-27 | Rating: 1 Stars

Shimano Calcutta

I have given up on spinning reels for big fish. The calcutta is still one of the best reels even with all these other reels available out there. I do like my avets because they are american...

Reviewed by: Dr. P on 2013-11-22 | Rating: 5 Stars

Mophie Outride

This case is good in theory if you need the joice, but I love my super slim lifeproof case when on the boat.

Reviewed by: Tyler Durden on 2013-05-24 | Rating: 3 Stars

Mophie Outride

I know people at Mophie and got my hands on the OUtride this morning. I did a quick pool test that involved some water and impact testing and lets just say I am impressed. I currently own 2...

Reviewed by: Capt Robby on 2012-08-02 | Rating: 5 Stars