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Shimano Terez

I am a tournament sailfish angler and we have 8 of their sailfish line paired with Shimano conventionals and 20b mono. They are very light and have backbone to get the fish in quick and...

Reviewed by: Brian on 2014-11-24 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Teramar

You don't need custom rods when you got teramars for inshore use.. I have many of them and use them all the time in south florida.

Reviewed by: Kent on 2011-05-24 | Rating: 5 Stars

Calstar Grafighter

I have a few of these for yellowfin tuna fishing paired with avet and accurate reels. Extremely lightweight but a ton of backbone which is great. I also use an 8 footer... The only thing I...

Reviewed by: Pam Sims on 2011-05-04 | Rating: 5 Stars

Calstar Grafighter

I got my first calstar grafigher with an avet jx from Charkbait online. This rod and reel combo is impressive and light. I can whoop tuna and also cast baits effectively. The rod has...

Reviewed by: Larry Wolks on 2011-04-19 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Teramar

I have the Teramar xx heavy in spinning that I use to cast big dead baits to stripers up north and then down south we toss dead mullet to tarpon or sharks. The rod is very well made with great...

Reviewed by: Jason on 2011-02-14 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Compre

I currently don't have a truck and getting rods in and out of my 2 door coupe is a a real pain in the butt. Since I work near a lot of lakes, beaches, etc, It is important that I keep a rod in...

Reviewed by: Mike on 2010-06-02 | Rating: 4 Stars

Shimano Trevala

You will not find a better rod available on the market at this price. Even a custom rod for $500 won't do the job this rod will. I have the 50-100lb spinning rod paired with a Cabo Quantum and...

Reviewed by: Mike on 2010-05-31 | Rating: 5 Stars

Shimano Crucial

I bought this rod after handling it at a local tackle shop. The rod was extremely light and perfect length to pair up with my Shimano Stratic Spinning Reel. I have been using it for about 2...

Reviewed by: Mike on 2010-05-25 | Rating: 4 Stars

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