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I purchased 2 from a Canadian dealer here in New Zealand 15 years ago for $120nz. I have serviced these myself(so easy)and have caught albacore, kingfish, schnapper all in excess of 20lb to...

Reviewed by: Neil Stephens on 2011-04-24 | Rating: 5 Stars

Energy PT

I've used the E600 and E650 for years and these reels are tough. Being very low profile they sit snug in your hand for total control. They have strong drags. They cast excellent. The cast control...

Reviewed by: Johnny Enriquez on 2009-02-05 | Rating: 5 Stars


I bought a Quantum Iron 3 series which was on sale.
After giving the real a thorough evaluation with the recommended #line, throwing medium sized freshwater lures and really testing its...

Reviewed by: irving on 2008-05-19 | Rating: 4 Stars


Had the Cabo spinning reel since winter but only started fishing it heavy in the late summer. The anti-revrse is a joke and the spool will not come off, I think the shaft is bent.

Reviewed by: Jay on 2007-10-25 | Rating: 5 Stars


I recently fished the new "saltwater" reels from quantum. I was not impressed. If this was their attempt at a sailfish spinning reel, They better try again. Smoked two drags, Lost anti-reverse...

Reviewed by: T-Lore on 2007-05-26 | Rating: 1 Stars

Accurist PT

This reel works great for the money. You can set the reel tension loose enough so that the lure freely drops, cast as hard as possible and never backlash.

Reviewed by: BigE on 2007-05-23 | Rating: 5 Stars


I started using the quantum 410 by accident. I was looking through the fishing department at my local K-Mart and found a marked down baitcasting reel that looked and felt great. I took it out for...

Reviewed by: Nick Deuel on 2007-01-11 | Rating: 5 Stars


Good: Low profile lightweight with large line capacity, strong drag, smooth bearings and corrosion proof. ordering parts is easy...

Bad: service availability, difficult to service...

Reviewed by: pinfish on 2006-05-28 | Rating: 4 Stars

Classic MG

I have abused these reels for about 1 1/2 years and they take it. They are a budget version of the Cabo reels. No saltguard finish, fewer bearings, stainless rather than PT bearings, and...

Reviewed by: Jimbojack on 2005-04-26 | Rating: 5 Stars

Classic MG

Initially this reel was to be my 12lb. swimbait reel. Well I came upon a trip recently but my 15lb. reel hadn't arrived so I had to make due with this reel. I went out fishing in Mexican waters in...

Reviewed by: Roy Bartolome on 2005-04-02 | Rating: 5 Stars

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