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Jerry Brown Spectra

Spectra is the only line I use for inshore, offshore, etc. I love the hollowcore knotless solution that goes through the guides easily. I load up all my reels with spectra including spinning....

Reviewed by: Zach Ingan on 2011-05-25 | Rating: 5 Stars

Gamakatsu tsu G-Power

When the money is on the line and I need a trusted fishing line that I can depend on, G Power is that line. I fish many bass events in Michigan and this line is by far the best. It will not break!...

Reviewed by: Mike Pierce on 2008-01-01 | Rating: 5 Stars

Gamakatsu tsu G-Power

The best mono line I have ever used
Caught 103 Largemouth Bass on it in one day

Reviewed by: Skamanaic on 2007-04-07 | Rating: 5 Stars

Seaguar Carbon Pro

I am a bass fisherman in Michigan, I bought some Seagaur 6lb line for my spinning reels,to go to Dale Hollow Lake smallmouth fishing in April. I happen to catch more fish than my partner who was...

Reviewed by: Bob Whiteman on 2007-02-19 | Rating: 5 Stars

Gamakatsu tsu G-Power

Nice...nice....nice...soft,great knot strength...Low.low.low memory....I have caught hundreds of steelhead on 8# line many fish in the teens and a few 25+ try a couple of 40# salmon to, all brought...

Reviewed by: Merrell Peterson on 2005-07-23 | Rating: 5 Stars

Seaguar Carbon Pro

eaguar Fluoro carbon doesn't have the same crystal clear "vanishing" effect as Berekly Vanish, but it has strength. It is still thin enough and clear enough that it is barely detected underwater,...

Reviewed by: Hara (aka climberb9) on 2005-04-13 | Rating: 5 Stars

Yo-Zuri X-Tex Cobra

This line is specially designed for bass fishing on smaller casting reels, but didn't work that great even when I used it for its intended purpose. It has a good bit more memory than DNA or G-power...

Reviewed by: Hara (aka Climberb9) on 2005-04-01 | Rating: 1 Stars

Gamakatsu tsu G-Power

This stuff isn't as nice as suffix, but is still pretty sweet.

It also has very little memory which is nice. The one problem that I found with it is that it seems much more...

Reviewed by: Hara (aka Climberb9) on 2005-04-01 | Rating: 4 Stars

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