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I love all my newell's that i have (2)220 (2)332. i have had them for 4 yrs now and they still work great.. They are very light and easy to cast. When you fish for 5+ hrs casting, cranking just so...

Reviewed by: aftahour on 2006-05-03 | Rating: 5 Stars


A few years a ago I asked a sportboat captain what type of reel I should get for tossing iron for yellowtail and other local fish in southern california. He recommended a Newell 332, he also added...

Reviewed by: Anonymous on 2005-07-11 | Rating: 5 Stars


In my opinion, newells give you the most bang for the buck. One of the best casting reels, easy to take apart and clean, relatively priced well. Downside: they are loud, no infinite anti-reverse....

Reviewed by: FISH KILLA on 2005-02-16 | Rating: 4 Stars

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