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Just about every fish eats you know if you have a good lure you are going to catch fish. I use this lure in the troughs at beaches, skipping under mangroves and all kinds of fishing...

Reviewed by: MSG on 2011-04-20 | Rating: 5 Stars

Big Fish Lure

We fish these lures when we can't get live mullet and they do well for various species including bluefish, big jacks, tarpon, and snook.

Reviewed by: Tarek on 2010-05-30 | Rating: 4 Stars

Big Fish Lure

A friend of mine bought this lure as we were having quite the success fishing live mullet for tarpon. With little time to catch bait, we decided to switch to lures and the D.O.A. Big Fish Lure...

Reviewed by: Mike on 2010-05-18 | Rating: 3 Stars

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