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Bought the CVL400 at the outer banks. Glad I did. I was casting a Penn 9, which isn't easy to do. In just a couple of tries, I was casting like a pro. Outcasting all the other guys by...

Reviewed by: Howard on 2019-11-09 | Rating: 5 Stars


I have given up on spinning reels for big fish. The calcutta is still one of the best reels even with all these other reels available out there. I do like my avets because they are american...

Reviewed by: Dr. P on 2013-11-22 | Rating: 5 Stars


Good reel, look after it and it will provide you with the exceptional service shimano's are renowned for. We have the whole line of TLD's and they are really awesome reels. Not a big fan of lever...

Reviewed by: Michael Jacobs on 2009-06-15 | Rating: 3 Stars


You can't cast...dont blame the fucking reel, you stupid dumb shit. This thing is smoother than your sister's ass, and is an ace back bay striper/fluke reel for a hundred dollars cheaper than...

Reviewed by: Dill Doedinger on 2009-01-26 | Rating: 5 Stars


Took apart the reel to clean and lube and discovered that the schematic is wrong. On the side plate located on the handle side, schematic shows a bearing under the cast controll knob. Upon...

Reviewed by: Fishinfool on 2008-11-27 | Rating: 5 Stars


if u cant afford any better than fine, but id say u should stay home for a couple weeks and buy something better. It doesnt cast well and definitely needs upgrades in my opinion which i havent...

Reviewed by: Budbundy on 2008-08-28 | Rating: 2 Stars


Ok - this is a reel where you get what you pay for. After fishing the California scene for 20 years with all types of reels, I wanted a no compromise reel. I spent the $ and could not be happier. I...

Reviewed by: Jigger on 2008-08-01 | Rating: 5 Stars

Calcutta TE

I was in florida this march and used the 400TE to land a 200lb
Lemon Shark. This is by far one of the best reels I have ever
owned, and I was able to land the shark in less than 15...

Reviewed by: fishr1989 on 2008-04-30 | Rating: 4 Stars


Its an okay reel. My only complaint is that the one way roller bearing has a tendency to loosen up after continued use, eventually allowing the handle to slip back. Its very annoying.

Reviewed by: Anonymous on 2008-01-21 | Rating: 3 Stars


This reel worked well for 1 fishing session then something inside broke ,i am currently looking for a schematic diagram,so i can try and fix it.I wish i kept the reciept.Bad purchase.

Reviewed by: Mick Nicols on 2007-11-06 | Rating: 1 Stars

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