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i bought this reel for in a combo for $110 and the first trip it casted perfectone of the best reels i ever used then the next day i went to a canal by my house and no matter what every cast it...

Reviewed by: justin on 2010-04-04 | Rating: 1 Stars

Trion (low profile)

I bought one last year and have been very happy with it ever since. I have not had any problems with it and it casts great! I like it better than my Curado. Once you adjust the brake system it...

Reviewed by: Anonymous on 2007-03-30 | Rating: 5 Stars


I've had this reel for about two years now and my problems have been minimal. The 6 centrifugal brake pins may snap out on strong casts which is annoying so I removed 2 of them completely and left...

Reviewed by: Anthony R. on 2006-12-27 | Rating: 4 Stars

Trion (low profile)

I have had the same problem on two reels. The line guide after about 60-100 casts starts to cut the line after the lure has been casted. At first I thought it was the rod but it was not. I...

Reviewed by: Thad Baker on 2006-11-24 | Rating: 2 Stars


Bought the reel and it broke the first day on the water. The drag is very sticky and I broke alot of fish off. Bearings made real loud noise and one of them just froze up on me. The worm gear...

Reviewed by: James on 2006-02-12 | Rating: 1 Stars


I own a President and wish all my reels were like this.
The reel casts great, the retieve is smooth. The drag is easy and smooth.The weight is fine. I think it is a quality product at a...

Reviewed by: Pete on 2006-01-23 | Rating: 5 Stars


I have had the displeasure of buying this reel when I should have bought something else. The reel broke on me last wekk and I have only had for a little less than a year. The retrieves were...

Reviewed by: Arnie on 2005-09-06 | Rating: 1 Stars


If you are looking for the reel that has it all, then look no further than the Pflueger President.
Light, smooth, strong and inexpensive. Don't pay $300-$400 for a reel when you can have...

Reviewed by: Rob Gray on 2005-04-04 | Rating: 5 Stars


Try to find a reel that has quality components like the President for such a low price. A shimano with similar components will cost 3x as much! The reel is super light weight and it casts light...

Reviewed by: Jeremy on 2005-02-21 | Rating: 5 Stars

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