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Fish Eagle Guide SS

Try getting parts for any Cabela's reel. They don't sell them or tell your who makes it. They want you to send it in for a check up to see how much it's worth so you can apply it to a new one....

Reviewed by: David Bonner on 2006-12-29 | Rating: 1 Stars

Prodigy (spinning)

I have used this reel for two seasons, fished a couple of times a week, and it has worked really well for me. I have it paired with Cabela's XML spinning rod (664-2). A nice setup for small and...

Reviewed by: chris on 2006-10-16 | Rating: 4 Stars

Prodigy (spinning)

Very nice reel and smooth retrieve and casting. I paired this reel with the hmx rod and it a very nice combo. Sensitive and smooth with all the backbone you need. One consideration is if you like...

Reviewed by: Hypnoguide on 2006-05-17 | Rating: 4 Stars

Fish Eagle Guide SS

One nice feature of the cabela's guide SS is that i comes with an extra spool, allowing you to quickly and easily change between two different lines which can be extremely helpful in some...

Reviewed by: Hara Kumaran (aka climberb9) on 2005-03-10 | Rating: 4 Stars

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