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I have berkley vanish on all my rods except for the few I use braid on. It is one of the best lines on the market and I have tested it tough; from fishing tournaments every weekend to fishing farm...

Reviewed by: Lunkerman on 2009-11-08 | Rating: 5 Stars


I spent 2008 trying to find a good fluro line. The price point and availability of berkley vannish makes it attractive. However, as many othes have noted on the net, the line is very fragile and...

Reviewed by: mervin hatter on 2009-01-09 | Rating: 1 Stars


I have just spooled up with some 10# in the Crimson red for steelhead and silver fishing on our local rivers. We throw spinners for these fish and i use a limber 8.5ft rod and spinning reel

Reviewed by: Fishical Therapy on 2008-11-10 | Rating: 5 Stars


Decent at first, but then it starts to break apart rather easily. I really liked it on my first fishing trip with the 8 lb test spooled on to my spinning reel. But on my 2nd fishing trip with...

Reviewed by: BassPete on 2008-10-29 | Rating: 5 Stars


I am a 3rd generation fisherman in NE. I have been a faithful Trilene user for over 25 years.Line breakage became an issue last year*10lb.This year*12BigGame,2nd.cast,line talking yet...

Reviewed by: Todd on 2007-04-07 | Rating: 1 Stars


10 lb test - zero tensil strength - was able to easily pull it apart with my hands...didn't even make it to my reel (thankfully)....wish I had found the reviews first.....

Reviewed by: Lance on 2006-05-19 | Rating: 5 Stars


I'm not as pessimistic about Vanish as the other reviewer but it is pretty bad. I use it because I bought it and I doubt I will buy anymore. The new Berkley Vanish Transition is a different story...

Reviewed by: David on 2005-09-01 | Rating: 2 Stars


This line is probably the weakest line on the market. It does have the small diameter of fluorocarbon, it does have the "vanshing" capablity of fluorocarbon, but it sure as hell does not have the...

Reviewed by: Hara (aka climberb9) on 2005-04-13 | Rating: 1 Stars

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