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The Facts: The Penn Slammer spinning reel features a Techno-Balanced wobble-free rotor; die-cast aluminum housing, side-plate and rotor, elongated anodized machined-aluminum spool; fully supported stainless steel main shaft; heavy-duty gears; single large HT100 drag washer; 5 stainless steel ball bearings plus roller bearing; infinite anti-reverse; and stainless steel bail assembly.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
260 5BB + 1RB 5.1:1 240/8 12 OZ
360 5BB + 1RB 5.1:1 240/10 12.5 OZ
460 5BB + 1RB 4.6:1 240/12 19 OZ
560 5BB + 1RB 4.6:1 325/12 20 OZ

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4 Stars Pen Slammer, 2008-03-09
Reviewer: stan44

Not a bad reel for $120.00
It was between the Slammer and the Fin-Nor Ahab.
(8lb - walleyes - mono)
The bail springs in this reel (slammer) are famous for breaking. But the Fin-Nor Ahab is $220.00 and was taken over by Zebco Co.

I tried the slammer with 8 lb Cajun line from Cabelas and I'm happy with it. I still might buy a Fin-nor but I cringe to the thought of anything Zebco in my tackle box.

Either way I am happy with the Slammer - 6 months so far of heavy use and dropped in sand. I DO NOT maintain or clean my reels. I am indeed hard on them. The slammer has been turn key and keeping up.If I was to get a Fin-Nor I would probably oil it or maybe keep it out of the muck. For a while.

Try the slammer first, it's cheaper. Then get the Fin - Nor. Don't do the Okuma Crap, or the Quantum
yuppy thing. Reviews say it all. A $220 Fin-Nor is cheaper than three $80 Quantums.

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