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The Facts: The Penn Spinfisher SS spinning reel features a skirted spool, stainless steel main shaft, naval bronze main and pinion gears, and hard chrome-plated stainless steel ball bearings. All exposed parts are chrome-plated or gold anodized aluminum to resist corrosion. Penn offers 5 of its Spinfisher SS Reels with graphite bodies: the 420, 430, 440, 450 and the 550SSg.

Model No. Bearings Gear Ratios Capacity Weight
420SSg 5BB + 1RB 5.3:1 165/4 6.5 OZ
430SSg 5BB + 1RB 5.1:1 200/6 8 OZ
440SSg 5BB + 1RB 5.1:1 200/10 12 OZ
450SSg 5BB + 1RB 4.6:1 250/10 14 OZ
550SSg 5BB + 1RB 4.6:1 250/15 15 OZ
6500SS 3BB 4.7:1 325/12 22 OZ
7500SS 3BB 4.6:1 250/20 25.5 OZ
8500SS 3BB 4.6:1 250/25 26 OZ
9500SS 3BB 4.2:1 300/30 32 OZ

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5 Stars You'll never bend a Penn. . ., 2005-02-27
Reviewer: MB

I have owned nearly all of the SS series at one time or another and they are about the best. My bag is surfcasting, so my view is slanted towards the heavy-use end of the performance spectrum. These reels have one notorious problem when used in this fashion ; most of the larger models will slam the bail shut on a hard cast and snap your line, making you the new, unintended, unofficial world record holder for distance, as your end rig goes sailing-off a good 350 yds. or so. Penn makes an inexpensive "manual bail kit" to get around this, but then you lose a lot of the reel's versitility.
But whatever, the reels still work fine once you get used to their quirks and foibles, and they are built like tanks. They all have the renown HT 100 drag washers, and these require virtually no maintenance.
I sold a beautiful SS 7500 last year, and I already miss it. This is the best all-around size in this series, and it comes as close to being a do-it-all spinner as there is.
They are pretty pricy now, but it's money well spent.

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